The Player's Edition

  • A Shorter Edition of the Rules: A major change in our approach to presenting the Rules is issuing a shorter “Player’s Edition” of the Rules. This will be widely circulated to golfers worldwide, as it is intended to be the version of the Rules that golfers should use to find answers to questions that arise on the course. We hope that the Player’s Edition will encourage many more golfers to read and understand the Rules and will make it easier to find answers when situations arise on the course.
  • Written in the Second Person: The Player’s Edition will be written in the second person with the focus on “you” the golfer. This golfer-focused style is another key step in making the Rules more accessible. An example of this golfer-focused style is as follows:

a. When Lifted or Moved Ball Must Be Replaced

If you lift your ball at rest or cause it to move, your ball must be replaced on its original spot (which if not known must be estimated), except:

  • When you lift your ball to take relief under a Rule or to replace your ball on a different spot, or
  • When your ball moves only after you have started the stroke or the backswing for a stroke and then go on to make the stroke.


  • It is a Rule book: The Player’s Edition will be an actual Rule book, not merely a summary or a “Quick Guide”. It will look like the full Rules of Golf publication and, although the text of the Player’s Edition will be condensed, it will give the reader, the same answer that is found in the full Rules of Golf.
  • The Player’s Edition will include the Rules that describe the essential characteristics of the game of golf – for example, the fundamentals of the game, such as playing by the Rules, the different parts of the course and the equipment to be used. It also covers the most commonly used Rules. For the less frequently occurring situations that are not included, the Player’s Edition will tell the golfer where to find those answers in the full Rules of Golf .